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Aman Mehndiratta Social Worker

Our society desperately needs caring professionals, philanthropists and social workers like Aman Mehndiratta to ensure the process of development and betterment is going in the right place and with right pace. A social worker should be able as well as willing to let others meet their emotional, social and educational needs.

Relevant aptitudes and skills of Social workers: Aman Mehndiratta

The happiest people known are actually those who urge to lose themselves in the service of others. This happiness can be achieved by many things but the most effective tool to find the inner happiness by self can be- Social work. See, engaging yourself in in social work and helping those who need you desperately at that time, is one of the best mental as well as social therapies. What another example can we take other than Aman Mehndiratta for the same? Aman Mehndiratta is a humanitarian social worker, investor, and entrepreneur. According to him, being a social worker is a great deed; it benefits the society in an exponential manner. To begin with, let’s explore the world of social work, taking what and why in concern.

What is social work in a realistic manner?

Social work can be explained as a hands-on profession that strives to help the people and families in need who are dealing with their different problems and lives. One cannot specify any social worker about what exactly they do because the exact work that social workers perform depends on their specific field.

Who is a social worker?

Social workers are the persons who serve willingly the others who are not enough fortunate to enjoy the basic facilities or are in desperate need. They serve the society totally selfless that is without expecting the returns or any other kind of help. Social workers are often responsible for helping people who have been dealing through adverse conditions in their lives. They are also responsible for helping individuals, families, groups of people and the whole society to cope with problems they are facing to improve their lives. Taking the famous entrepreneur cum philanthropist Aman Mehndiratta, in concern, we are going to elaborate the aptitudes which are essential for an entrepreneur if he/she wants to excel in this field.

Aptitudes that Social Workers need to excel in

Working hard for the betterment of society selflessly is not an easy task, you have given all of you. Social workers are seldom bound to have a heavy caseload with limited time and resources.

Passion –

So, they must be passionate, because having passion is something that plays a vital role in every field and that like of social working- get ready! You really need to be passionate about selfless deeds towards others. Let’s understand this with a simple example. There should be any reason that would continuously trigger you to do your best in whatever you have chosen. Most of the time or we should mention it like 99% of the time, that reason is Money, profit and good returns. In social working, there is no monetary profit or returns, it is done by selflessness.

So, in this case, what matters the most is having passion about what you are willing to do, Passion is something that can give you stimuli for doing better than before.

Sensitivity and Interpersonal skills-

Don’t you think people you are serving want you to be firm and assertive when dealing with hostile them? Social workers must have excellent diverse sensitivity and interpersonal skills because they will need to interact with persons with different mentality and senses. There come people from every imaginable background would be interacting so, it’s necessary to understand their hostility. No doubts that interpersonal skills are so mandatory for any profession and in the name of social work, this becomes the need. This is because social working is all about hospitality, and if you fail to interact with them, then you fail to do pieces of stuff for them. This becomes very important that people could connect to their helper very well that it could become easy for both of them to share the problem and interact in a good way. According to Aman, being sensitive towards others feeling and emotion is the gem for a social worker. Although this quality should be attained by every human as humanity is our role, but in the profession like social work, sensitivity in nature and empathy towards others makes one the best of all.

Problem-solving skills

In order to give effective service to them, social workers must have top-notch organizational skill. Moreover, high problem-solving skills are the must for them. Social working is just for solving the problems of a community as well as of an individual. Doing analysis on the ground level, finding the root cause after that looking for an effective solution which can benefit the one who is seeking your help is what social worker does. See, being a helping hand for the unprivileged people and maintaining the decorum of this tag is rather a hectic but self-satisfactory work. So, the important.

Time-management skills

‘Time stops for none’. The work of a social worker is not bound in time limits; it runs 24*7 hours because anyone anywhere might need them without thinking of what time is it. In this case, it becomes very essential for the humanitarian to have terrific time-management skills. They must know how to manage their 24 hours in a way that their social work thrives for the best and simultaneously their other chores fall in time. Besides this, they find some more time for their families and themselves too. Yes, this is also very important that social workers must know how to take care of themselves properly in order to avoid burnout and stress fatigue. There is no doubt it is often a challenging task; it requires numerous efforts and hard work to acquire the best and desirable result. It may be challenging to an extent yet it cannot be denied that it is a rewarding career too.

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